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Underwater Snorkeling Tour St. Croix Diving



Mermaid Adventures is a Mobile Snorkel Tour company that goes out from the best snorkel sites on the Island of St. Croix. On our tours you will use the latest under water propulsion Seascooters made. At speeds up to 3.3 MPH (5.3 KM/H) pulling you through the water, conserve your swimming energy and get the most coverage during your snorkeling time.

Enjoy guided educational fun snorkel tour, effortlessly seeing the most aquatic life ever. Our Seascooters are ideal for beginners to expert snorkelers and swimmers.

Tour Guide Experience:
We have a total of 15 years of Park Ranger experience, with a degree in Natural Resource Management. Also, Water Safety & Rescue Certified and First aid/CPR/AED Certified.

We photograph and video your entire experience underwater and you can buy a souvenir USB wristband to take home all your memories from the tour.

Underwater Snorkeling Tour St. Croix Diving


We have snorkeled all around the world and found St. Croix to have some of the most stunning beaches and snorkeling locations we have ever experienced. Our goal is to educate about and share the overwhelming under water beauty while raising awareness about our marine life and reefs with conservation and safety tips.

Some highlights liked by guests are:

- Dolphins and Turtles are attracted to the Scooter vibration.

- Hands on education of aquatic life.

- Best Snorkel sites on Island ALL available for exploring.

- All gear supplied.

-Tandem tours; we pull you along on the scooter personally

(great for seniors and guests with mobility needs).

We Celebrate Inclusion and Diversity.
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The reasons why you should Book with Us...

Expert Knowledge of the Island's
Snorkel Locations
Special Request Tailored Tours Available
Dolphins and Turtles are attracted
to the scooter vibrations
Part of our proceeds are donated
back to the Island/Reef
4 Star
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