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Explore like only mermaids and mermen do on a private guided tour tailored just for you. 

Explore like only mermaids and mermen do on a private guided tour tailored for two. 

Tandem Tours are where we will control the scooter and pull you with us

Explore like only mermaids and mermen do on a tailored tour for you and up to four friends. This is the tour model for parties where six at a time will use scooters


Sharkbanz use technology to deter sharks from attacking people. 
Sharkbanz Info
Seadoo Seascooter
full face mask
  • We will provide you with a snorkel gear set including the new full face masks if requested.

  • We supply the revolutionary new Sharkbanz that harmlessly detour Sharks and Stingrays from coming within an approximate three-foot zone.

  • Bathroom and change facilities available at each location.

  • We will provide pictures and videos loaded onto a purchaseable USB drive wristband.


  • Non-fringe/string bathing suits to avoid anything getting stuck in the props of the scooters.


  • ​Sun block shirts (Rash guards) are recommended.

  • Please bring a towel for each guest or advise in advance if you wish to use our $5 towel service.

  • Sunscreen, we prefer our guests to use REEF SAFE sunscreen to help preserve and protect the reef from harmful chemicals. Any dive shop carries this, look for “Reef Safe” when purchasing. Non-spray sunscreen and non-self tanning lotion preferred.

  • Water Shoes and a coverup/hat. K-mart carries these as well as most stores in town.

  • OPTIONAL, you may bring your own snorkel gear, otherwise equipment will be provided for you free of charge.

  • OPTIONAL, you may bring your underwater cameras, otherwise we will provide pictures and videos via purchaseable USB wristband.


  • Please allow 30 minutes in addition to your tour time for a safety and equipment training.

  • All Mermaid Adventures are Day tours only (10:00 am to Sunset).

  • Your tour will last One to Two hours depending on what you purchased.


  • Sand Castle Beach, Frederiksted

  • Frederiksted Pier area

  • Cane Bay, home of “The Wall”

  • The Palms Resort at Pelican Cove

  • Fort Beach Frederiksted by the fort

  • Tamarind Reef / Green Cay

  • Buck Island (Special advance reservations required and additional charge for boat ride to the island).

  • Special request tailored tours are available for most any location. Just ask. (Additional charge for transportation may be required)

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By touring with us, you are helping to keep the reef healthy for future tours and generations to come. A portion of our proceeds from every tour goes to St. Croix Environmental Association (S.E.A).

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