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​Want to do something amazing today?
Donate here and help keep our reef safe.

We live on a blue planet. Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is ocean and this makes up over 99% of living space. Yet only a tiny amount of it is protected, less than 2% compared to over 12% of the land, so vital marine habitats and entire ecosystems are left at risk. In a world where unsustainable fishing, pollution, mining and tourism threaten marine life around the world, we here at Mermaid Adventures can't just sit by and do nothing! By touring with us, you are helping to keep the reef healthy for future tours and generations to come. A portion of our proceeds from every tour goes to St. Croix Environmental Association (S.E.A). However, you don't have to tour with us to help out.  When you donate to Mermaid Adventures, you can be assured that every dollar is working toward furthering our mission with S.E.A. Click DONATE and help us keep the reef alive!​

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